Street Arts: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Architectural Landmarks: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

The Best of Penang: Must-Try Foods

Gurney Drive's Satay

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia  - It's easy to get lost in the beautiful streets of Penang. What's much easier though is to indulge yourself to the different kinds of dishes the place has to offer. Sure constant walking and biking would let your eyes feast on all the attractions you will see, but what about dear tummy? …

Travel Itinerary 3D/2N: Weekend in Penang

A colorful signage along Chew Jetty alley

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia – Since it was a long weekend we had 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy Penang. Actually, just 1 whole day, the others were half days because of travel to/from Kuala Lumpur but enough to see most of the must-visit places. Getting Around Getting around Penang is easy and convenient. Easy: Penang …

Penang Street Arts: Let the Hunt Begin!

Penang Street Art: Boy on a bike

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - Easily one of the finest places we’ve been to. It’s small, but it’s filled with attractions. Every corner of every street, there’s something to see or to do. It’s in a somewhat isolated island, but it’s rich with history. Almost every land you step on has its story. And among the …

Georgetown, Penang: One of Malaysia’s Finest Cities


Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - Chinese New Year (CNY) is perhaps one of the biggest cultural events in the world and the best way to experience the festivities is to go where the festivities are held. Well, besides going to China (for obvious reasons), here in Malaysia, you have an option to go to Penang, Melaka or Kuala …