The Best of Ilocos : Must-try Foods

Ilocos Region, Philippines – You haven’t been to Ilocos unless you’ve tried authentic Ilocano dishes.  Known for being thriftiest people in the Philippines, Ilocanos keep their food simple but impressive. Their cuisine only use the ingredients that are abundant in their surroundings but delivers distinct flavors! These flavors are brought by using bagoong (shrimp sauce) and Ilocano vinegar and garlic.

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The Best of Penang: Must-Try Foods

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia  – It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful streets of Penang. What’s much easier though is to indulge yourself to the different kinds of dishes the place has to offer. Sure constant walking and biking would let your eyes feast on all the attractions you will see, but what about dear tummy? Luckily, Penang is never short on delicious foods!

Gurney Drive's Fried Kuay Teow
Gurney Drive’s Fried Kuay Teow

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