Day Trip: Experience Awesomeness at Legoland Malaysia!

Hello, Legoland!

Johor, Malaysia – Imagination has always been the key to enjoying every little thing we do when we were kids. From playing with cars, to battling evil foes with our action figures, and even pretending to be on a swimming pool when we are only taking a dip in a pail of water.  It is rare to get in touch with our inner child when we step into the professional world. Or is it..? Not when there is this awesome place called Legoland! cue “Everything is Awesome” music!

Awesomeness begins here!
Awesomeness begins here!

How to get there?

The Legoland Theme Park in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is, for lack of a better word, an awesome place! But of course, you have to deal with some little things. First thing to consider is the long travel when coming from the city. Second, the time to enjoy both Legoland Parks, the Theme Park and the Water Park. Lastly, sun exposure. Yep, prepare to be expose under the heat of the sun for the duration of your visit! We left KL very early in the morning – around 6 a.m. – so we can arrive there before lunch. It’s a 4-hour drive plus some 15-minute stopovers. Although it was not that much of a hassle for us, because we rented a private van, being on the road for that long is still a bit tedious.

Legoland also offers round trip bus services from KL and Singapore for at least MYR 57 one way for those who don’t have their private transportation.

What to do?

Since it’s only a day trip, we planned to explore only the Theme Park. Tickets cost MYR 155 for adults, and MYR 125 for children/elderly. If you have another free day, you can explore both parks. They will cost less if you buy Theme/Water Park Combo, or if you do your booking in advance.

We arrived around 10:30 a.m. The colorful entrance itself suggests that you are going to have tons of excitement inside. And it is also a perfect spot for solo or group pictures for souvenirs, or updating your whereabouts in your social media accounts. We started our adventure in LEGO TECHNIC. Here, we tried cool robot-ish rides such as the TECHNIC Twister, Project X, and Aquazone Wave Racers. The last one is super fun, if you’re not easily annoyed, because even bystanders who are just watching you can splash you with water. Yeah, expect to get wet even in the Theme Park.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

LEGO KINGDOMS is the medieval-themed franchise of Lego where you can see knights, dragons, wizards, and drunk castle guards. We only got to try one ride, The Dragon, but simply strolling in this zone is incredible. The look and feel are astounding that you can really feel like you’re in a different time period (but, uhm.. made in Lego).

Project Legoland, Check!
Project Legoland, Check!

Star Wars Miniland is still under construction during that time so we went next to the LAND OF ADVENTURE where there are rides such as the Lost Kingdom, and Dino Island. We got to experience the latter, which I can compare to USS’s Jurassic Park Rapids ride because we were soaking wet after that ride!

Going to the LEGO CITY you can see a lot of replicas of tourist attractions from real-world countries made in Lego. It is truly a beautiful sight. The details of the place would make it seem like a Lego-world tour. Philippines, India, China, and many more. You should definitely not miss this part when you visit.

Happy Kid at Lego City!
Happy Kid at Lego City!

We have not entered any indoor activities because we opted to just sit around, eat and rest. And mostly because, kids seem to invade the indoor activity areas, which is cool with us since this place is meant for them. Apparently that is one of the criticisms I usually get from friends and co-workers. They  said that Legoland is only for kids. Well, we all got kids inside us, don’t we?

Thank you, Legoland. We'll be back!
Thank you, Legoland. We’ll be back!

Check out the official site of Legoland Malaysia Resort for more details.


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