Christmas in Kuala Lumpur

Christmas decoration in KLCC

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Spending Christmas together for the first time is one of our best memories from 2014. Even though we were far away from home and knowing that 90% of population here are non-Christians, we still manage to celebrate Christmas with great joy and enthusiasm.

Christmas decoration at KL's Petronas Twin Towers
Christmas decoration at KL’s Petronas Twin Towers

In the Philippines, people starts the countdown to Christmas once the ‘BER’ months kick in. You’ll already be hearing Christmas carols and starting to see decorations as early as September. People also starts planning Christmas parties and shop for gifts for family and friends. Many Filipinos working abroad also plans their vacation and go back home to spend the holidays with their love ones. As for us, since flights before the 25th were already fully-booked, we decided to go back home after Christmas and spend that day here in KL instead.

At first, we’re sadden by the thought of spending Christmas by ourselves in KL. Then, after seeing the decorations put up by the shopping malls we have realize that it wasn’t so sad at all. We might be celebrating it in a different way but it still is the season to be jolly *falalalalalalala*.

Christmas decoration in KLCC
Christmas decorations in KLCC

During the first days of December, we did mall-hopping and we were surprised how festive their decorations were – gigantic Christmas trees and a well thought theme. See below pictures. 🙂

Suria KLCC

Closer look on KLCC's Christmas tree
Closer look on KLCC’s Christmas tree


Decorations outside Pavilion
Decorations outside Pavilion

The Gardens

NU Sentral

Lovely couple taking their pictures

MidValley Megamall

Mid Valley Megamall's Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas Tree
Mid Valley Megamall’s Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas Tree

On Christmas Eve, we attended the mass and planned to have dinner at Lot 10’s Teeq Brasserie, but it was CLOSE. The night wasn’t going anywhere with our plan, but we still managed to have a pleasant meal at Pavilion. We had Chardonnay and seafood for dinner. Then, the rest of the night, we leave it all to fate. 🙂

We planned to have a pint of beer each for ourselves at one of the bars outside Pavilion but they were all full. We then decided to have it outside Bukit Bintang Street, but we were dragged by people spraying this snow-soapy-sticky thing to everyone. People started to horn trumpet (louder, crazier), more snow sprays and cheerfully greeted each other Merry Christmas. We were soaked and wet in the middle of the crowd, nowhere to go, then people started to do the countdown to Christmas. 10, 9, 8, 7…. and from then on we just went with the flow and enjoyed that very moment.

We then ended that memorable night with hug-kisses, of course, plus a toss for our first Christmas together, away from family but still merry and happy.

Merry Christmas! :)
Merry Christmas! 🙂



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