Food Trip: Khmer Style!

Cambodian Famous Barbeque

Siem Reap, Cambodia – Our excitement to see the marvelous temples of Cambodia overshadowed our eagerness to discover the country’s signature dishes. We were only able to think about it while we were chatting with the taxi driver that brought us to our accommodation. He suggested a couple of foods, and we were able to try some.

Khmer Angkor Kitchen
Khmer Angkor Kitchen

The Khmer Amok was one of his recommendations. To be honest, it did not look that appealing to me. But, you know what they say about judging by the looks, when I tasted it, it was so delicious. The dish is made mainly of coconut milk. Together with this, we ordered Fried Chicken Hot Basil and completed with Fresh Coconut and Watermelon juices. The only downside here was, our tour guide brought us to Khmer Angkor Kitchen, which is a quite expensive restaurant (see our bill below!) .

Average Cost of Food: Mid-range restaurants for lunch/dinner will cost $6-8 USD per meal. Outdoor markets and street restaurants have dishes for $1-3 USD per meal.

For dinner we headed to the famous Pub Street. Exhaustion from temple-hunting led me to crave for one thing: the Angkor Beer!


As for the food, we had the Cambodian Khmer barbecue. It’s quite similar to shabu-shabu but the choices of meat totally caught us off guard. We had bacon (yea, bacon!!!), snake, crocodile, and frog. Yeah, take a few seconds to ponder on that! 😀

Cambodian Famous Barbeque
Cambodian Famous Barbeque

On our last dinner at Pub Street, we went to Temple Club. It is one of the highest rated restaurants in the area. The restaurant has a pleasant and somewhat cultural ambiance, and the menu has a little Western vibe on it so we ordered Pork Ribs and Stir-fry Pork with Basil Sauce. But, what made it is famous is the performance of the traditional Apsara dance.

Dining at Temple Club
Dining at Temple Club

Further research showed a lot more must-try Cambodian dishes. But due to our tight budget and schedule, we didn’t get the chance to try them all. We didn’t worry though, surely we’re going to come back here!

Angkor What?? :P
Angkor What?? 😛

Oops, we also had Fresh Spring Rolls the following morning to end our Khmer food trip. But, I think it’s more of a Vietnamese Cuisine 😀

Fresh Spring Rolls
Fresh Spring Rolls


  1. So very hungry after this post! The food looks amazing, I’ve never really investigated the local dishes in Cambodia, this was a great intro! So, what was the best out of the mystery meat grill you guys had? I’ll guess frog…
    ~ Andrea ❤


      1. haha no it was a service trip, we went to an orphanage and built a football/soccer field for them, fixed their drains etc, but on the last two days got to visit the temples and also go to Phnom Penh. it was an amazing experience!


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