Malaysia Grand Prix: The F1 Experience


Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia – This is the first from our long-overdue-blog-post list. A lot of things have happened already. Thus, we’ll find time to do catch-up posts in the coming days. Let’s start with our very first F1 experience.

2014 F1 Malaysia GP

Since I started driving, I’ve always dreamed of having my own sports car and join a motorsport. But, it’s too far out to actually come true. Thus, I crossed it out from the list (for now) and just stick to something more realistic – to experience Formula 1, Live!

To Sepang International Circuit
To Sepang International Circuit

Rap and I have attempted to buy tickets few times before but budget wise haven’t been successful. That changed when we started working here in Malaysia.


We had Grandstand tickets a month prior to the Malaysia Grand Prix which was held at Sepang International Circuit last March 28 to 30. Lots of F1 avid fans were here to watch and we’re just glad that we were able to avail a nice view seat for our first F1 GP. We purchased the ticket 105 RM each.  Considering the jam from KL going to the circuit, we also avail the KLIA Tranfer package to/from KL Sentral. Thus, we didn’t worry much on how to go there. But if you’re curious how far it is from KL, below is the map.

Since this is our first time to experience this sport live, we’ve read forums and discussions first before watching (sort-of-F1- for- dummies-kind-of-thing). We had idea on how the sports work, the names that we should know and the issues of last year’s engine noise compared to this year’s. But, the research and stuck knowledge about the whole race doesn’t matter anymore when we got to our grandstand seats.  We were overwhelmed by the speeding cars, the fans cheering and the roar of the engines (yes, they’re are still noisy). Experiencing this whole thing, LIVE!, was surreal.

Lewis Hamilton was named the winner of the race. He was then interviewed by Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) which we just learned while reading news on our way back to KL. After the race, the fans went crazy over/under the fences to do photo ops on the track and we joined them. We were busy getting down to the track (literally!) during the interview to notice Sherlock (sigh for Rapy). But we did see, Niki Lauda, the subject of the Formula One film Rush. 😛

Nikki Lauda

Overall, the experience was awesome, was able to cross-out another one from my bucket list! We’ll keep ourselves updated with the sport and watch the next nearest GP again (if budget permits, else live—stream).  🙂

Thank you, partner! 🙂
The F1 Vibe, so cool!

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