The Best of Penang: Must-Try Foods

Gurney Drive's Satay

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia  – It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful streets of Penang. What’s much easier though is to indulge yourself to the different kinds of dishes the place has to offer. Sure constant walking and biking would let your eyes feast on all the attractions you will see, but what about dear tummy? Luckily, Penang is never short on delicious foods!

Gurney Drive's Fried Kuay Teow
Gurney Drive’s Fried Kuay Teow

Among the best food places here are the hawker center near the Jetty area and the one in Gurney Drive. It’s a place where people are really loud, tables are close to each other, and it’s uncomfortably hot (which won’t matter with cold beer in hand). If you’re like us, this might even be an appetite booster! But if you’re into simple dining, then at least you can still give this a try. Besides, there are no shortage of great places to eat here in the streets of Georgetown.

Gurney Drive Hawker
Gurney Drive Hawker

From the tasty Malaysian fried rice to steamy dumplings to oven-baked pastries, each one has its own flavor to offer that would totally satisfy your hunger or just your uncontrollable urge to eat!

Below are the must-try dishes:


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