Putrajaya, the Federal Administrative Centre of Malaysia


Putrajaya, Malaysia – Art – based on things I’ve seen – involving politics mostly come off as subversive, if not satirical. There seems to be a thin line between its beauty and  the government. A few, however, manage to make the best out of both worlds. Putrajaya is among those. We all know that traveling and doing crazy stuff goes hand in hand, but then again in this place, you’re right under the authority’s nose.


We started off with the idea of wanting to have a road trip in Malaysia. But since it’s our first time driving here, we chose a place that are not too far from the city.  It came down between Malacca and Putrajaya but going to Putrajaya is much easier (traffic and stuff) so that finalized our decision.

How to get there?

As expected, it was an easy drive. We rented a car for 8RM (2.44USD) per hour (~108php).  Going there took around 90 minutes from KL. See below directions:

If you’ll be taking public transportation:

  • By train, from KL Sentral Station, take the KLIA transit train. This is the fastest way of reaching Putrajaya. Its the fastest, but still double times expensive when compare to buses. The one way train fare is around 9.50RM (~2.90USD).  Train takes 17 minutes to reach Putrajaya/Cyberjaya Sentral Station. From here, you can take bus bound to Putrajaya Precints.
  • By bus, from Pasar seni (LRT station) take the E1 bus. Fare is 4RM (~1.22USD), half the price of the train fare. This takes 1hr to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya Sentral Station (last bus stop). From here, you can take bus bound to Putrajaya Precints.
Rapid KL bus to Putrajaya
Rapid KL bus to Putrajaya

Directions from Putrajaya Sentral to attractions Precints:

What to do?

  • City sightseeing: spend a day to tour the sprawling and architecturally detailed landmarks of Putrajaya, from their Mosques, bridges and government offices for free. See more attractions here.
  • Park visits:  Putrajaya is home to 12 unique park, creating abundance of space for picnic, relaxing and outdoor activities. Admissions are also free.
  • Events: Almost every month, the city hosts events for local and tourist to enjoy.
      • March – Hot Air Balloon Festival
      • June – Flower Festival
      • August – Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition
      • September – Islamic Art Festival
      • October – Night Marathon
      • November – Lighting Festival
      • December – Dragon Boat Festival

If you have limited time and want to see the best of Putrajaya, you can avail the 1RM (0.30USD) tour. Yes, for only 1RM per person you can embark in a 2 hour English guided sightseeing tour around Putrajaya where you’ll be shown its landmarks just signup on their booth outside the KLIA transit terminal. Tour is scheduled 11 AM and 3 PM, make sure to be there 30 mins prior to schedule as the bus seats are limited to 40 persons.


More of Purtrajaya attractions (and our DIY-ed roadtrip) on our next post: Putrajaya: City in a Garden


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