Hello World! …uh, Real World!

Laptops. Phones. Notes. Documents. Stuff of the unexciting world we live in most  days. Where our inner robots maneuver the mechanism of earning cold cash. Where our asses sit until numbness kicks in. Where our heads mindlessly formulate logic and algorithms. 40 hours of slavery spread throughout 5 days every week, but after this torment, we are free!!

Ever since our college days we have tried our best to widen our world. Time was not an issue back then but we are constrained by the depth of our pockets. It’s quite true that as you grow older in this manic society, the inverse relationship of time and money becomes more apparent. Now, being yuppies, our advocate evolves to fulfilling the “work-life balance” most companies promise you when they woo you to work for them.

Yeah yeah, we know, why shouldn’t we just use leaves and other corporate slave privileges? Well, yes we can, but we opt to save those for special occasions/seasons (you know, like Christmas to New Year). Weekends, and holidays too if the timing is right, are our only choice. If what a mediocre futuristic movie says is right – that “you could do a lot in one day” – then, 2 days would be more than enough.

As mentioned, we are now yuppies eager to conquer the world! No, that’s being silly, we just want to.. you know, just see and experience stuff. As we are both programmers (JAVA and Salesforce), we try to implement our critical thinking in making efficient itinerary that would cover a lot in 2 days. This blog is simply for everyone who are deprived of time, and are willing to be deprived of sleep and rest too. As you can infer from our name, the game plan would consist of becoming diligent employees every weekdays, and tireless explorers on weekends. We’re hoping that you’ll enjoy reading about our semi-pseudo-RnR’s, and may this also serve as a statement of refusal to be stuck in a boring lifestyle.



    1. Hi Timothy, thank you for visiting. We’re looking forward to your next visit here, hopefully you’ll enjoy more stories from us. 🙂


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